Site Preparations

Site preparations are an important aspect of the beginning stages of construction for your metal building. Universal Builders, Inc. has the right professionals to customize your dirt work for the building layout on your job site. We will determine if the slope of the property requires select dirt to be hauled in or if dozer is needed to excavate the existing earth. Universal Builders uses state of the art laser levels and transits to assess the job site for an accurate estimate on loads of fill and hours of leveling time required. This in turn results in minimal site prep costs to our customers. Also, Universal Builders never charge for a pre-construction site visit and consultation.

Concrete Forming and Foundation

Universal Builders always use an engineered foundation for construction. Each project is different and requires an assessment of soil and geological location to install the correct foundation. Arkansas has dry, sandy, rocky, and wet soils all over the state. Universal Builders will determine if your specific location requires piers in the foundation or a simple engineered footing for construction. Universal Builders uses fill sand compaction under each slab to minimize cracking in the concrete. Your steel building project foundation is one of the keys to longevity for your building. When it comes to your steel building foundation, use an educated company, such as Universal Builders, to make sure you do not have any regrets on down the road.  

Concrete Installation

Universal Builders installs a minimum 4” of concrete on every pour with a minimum PSI of 3000.  Arkansas weather can be tricky and it is important to order the correct mixture of concrete the day a pour is scheduled. There are many different additives that can be used at different times of the year depending on the weather the day of the pour.  Universal Builders stay on top of the weather forecasts to determine if any additives are necessary in the concrete mix. Universal Builders will also determine if it is necessary for a concrete pump truck to be used for your location. Universal Builders also has state-of-the-art tools for finishing the concrete so you get a nice smooth shiny finish to your concrete floor. We always saw cut relief cuts in the concrete to minimize cracking of the floor in engineer recommended locations. Universal Builders pride ourselves on our finished concrete projects.

Rigid Frame

Universal Builders uses rigid frames that is right for your building project, making rigid framed end walls for future expansions, if needed. We have several different styles to choose from according to building spans, building heights, overhead door locations, respected building codes, and cost. All of our structural frame components are pre-engineered with up-to-date building codes for your region. Let us use our 35+ years of experience to design your building so that it will withstand the harsh Arkansas weather.

Sheet Metal and Trim

Universal Builders also has several styles of sheet metal for your building’s exterior. Usually the panel profile is just a preference, but we can advise you of what is common for your building use. We will also send you color charts which show the metal profiles of the panels for your selection. Universal Builders always use a minimum 26 gauge on sheet metal and trim with a 40 year paint warranty. The thickness of the panel is important to building construction due to the fact that this component is what locks the building together to withstand high winds and hail. Our buildings have a minimum of 115 mph wind loading.  All of our fasteners and screws are engineer recommended size for sheet metal up-lift protection and equipped with rubber washers for leak protection.

Building Installation

Universal Builders has certified, licensed, and insured metal building installers. Our crews always use the proper equipment, tools, and knowledge for a safe construction workplace. Our installation crews are educated on OSHA safety training and apply the correct safety methods when applicable. Universal Builders is fully insured with general liability and workman’s compensation insurance, although we have never filed a claim to date. We take pride in our safety and it shows.

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